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P700-2 thoughts after two years

I have owned my Pioneer 700-2 for almost two years now. The machine has proven to be very versatile and dependable after 8,000 plus miles of desert riding. I use the Honda quite a bit as you can tell. During the winter months it is used almost daily. In the summer it is just to **** hot to get out in the desert much. I have never had a problem with my Pioneer. It has not been back to the dealer for any type of warranty work or repair.
The only thing that has been replaced on the 700 is the tires. The stock tires lasted for 3500 miles which I thought was rather good. I replaced the stock tires with Sedona Ripsaw tires. The Ripsaw tires are great for the desert and now have around 4500 miles on them. I think, looking at the tread wear, that the tires are good for at least another 5000 miles or more. The Ripsaw tires are very aggressive and heavy. I think that I may have lost some top end speed due to the weight of the tires. No big deal since I hardly drive the 700 over 30 miles per hour anyway.
Here are a few things that I have done to extend the life of the 700:

When you get the Pioneer home from the dealer take a little time and make sure that all of the nuts and bolts are tight. I found three bolts that needed some tightening. This may take an hour or two but it could save you some grief down the road. It is also a good way to become acquainted with the 700. Other than that the Honda was in good working order.

I do all the work on the 700 myself. Thing is I have not had to do anything accept change the oil and clean the air filter. Maybe I should take time to "knock on wood".

Changing the oil on the 700 is very important. The engine oil is used to lubricate the engine, transmission, and torque converter and it should be changed every 600 miles as Honda suggests. I use 20/50 weight motor oil due the extreme heat that we have in the low desert. I do not use synthetic motor oil. Just good old dino motor oil. Be very careful when loosening the oil filter bolt. It would be very easy to round off the head of the bolt then you would have a real problem.

The air filter is possible the most important filter on the 700. There are plenty of after market air filter out there. A good rule of thumb on purchasing a air filter is: take the air filter out of the packaging, hold the filter up to a ceiling light at arms length and place you hand between the filter and you eyes, if you can see the outline of your hand do not buy the air filter. I use the stock Honda air filters. They can be bought on AMAZON or EBAY for a reasonable price. Where I ride in the desert it is extremely dusty. I clean the air filter every 1200 miles or sooner if needed. I soak the air filter in a solution of 1/2 Dawn Dishwashing Detergent and 1/2 water for about an hour. I then rinse the air filter with the garden hose and allow it to air dry. You can by filter oil in a spray can at the Honda Dealer and it works very well. I use a 16 oz plastic spray bottle filled with 4 oz of rubbing alcohol and WICKING OIL. (My brother use wicking oil on farm tractors that have foam air filters. It may be a little hard to find but it is out there.) This works just like the stuff you get from the dealer. I then reassemble the air cleaner and install one of my wife's old nylon stocking cut to fit over the filter to act as a pre-filter.

All in all I have been extremely happy with my Pioneer 700-2. It is by no means a go fast machine but that is not what it was meant to be. The 700 is just a reliable workhorse. If I was to purchase another side by side it would be another Honda. I am not sure if I would go with the 1000 since the 700 more than meets my needs. I may not have to purchase another one, remember : ( It's a Honda).

Hope this helped some. Just remember: "STUPID HURTS".

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Glad you have had such good luck with your machine! Have over 3,000 miles on mine. Hopefully it's just getting broken in...lol
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I think 1200 miles for a filter clean may be too long. I too live in the desert but have found that both desert and mountain trails have way too much powdery dust to allow the filter to go that long. I clean the filter every 200 miles but check it after every outing. If it needs it it gets cleaned. I keep a spare, OEM, and will even change it during an outing if it gets too caked with fine dust.

Good observations and thanks for taking the time to put it to pen. (so to speak)
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My new Pioneer only has 80 miles on on it,I always had good luck with every Honda ATV I ever owned! Thanks for the encouraging post...
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The 700 is a much better machine than the 1000.
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