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He has nothing better to do. His can am is probably in the shop. Tatsoul, have you ever rode in a Pioneer, just curious where you come up with all this info you get.
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Originally Posted by charlie0909 View Post
He has nothing better to do. His can am is probably in the shop. Tatsoul, have you ever rode in a Pioneer, just curious where you come up with all this info you get.
Drove them both.big red and the pioneer.i actually liked the big red thing i hated was to hit top speed it was loud and seemed like the motor was gonna blow.
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I gotta say this thread got turned into good old fashioned trash talking!
I like telling stories so here goes. My first experience with SXS.

I was out of the off road world for a few years. I had some stuff but never road. I decided I wanted to get back into it, and went out and bought a Honda 400X. I realized real quick I wasn't a teenager anymore! But my first big ride I went out on after riding again for a month was with a group of guys from work.

Foreman 500 4x4
Foreman 450 4x4
Rancher 420 4x4
Recon 2x4(my wife)
2009 RZR 800S
2009 Teryx

Now this area where we went was NASTY. Its tight, muddy, nasty hill climbs, and all the mud in the world if you want it. The SXS always slowed us down, they were wedged out between trees, stuck in mud holes, and just basically a pain in the rear end the whole time for us quad riders. One section the only way to go on further is to go through this nasty mud hole, Everyone went through it except the SXS. My wife on her Recon(with some pushing) I hit hard and bounced through on my 400X, and quess what! RZR goes through, high centered stuck, winches himself out. Teryx next, same deal. No winch RZR pulls him out.

By the end of the night I was EXHAUSTED from hauling those two side by sides out of mud holes. This actually turned into the night from **** as we got lost(around 11PM didn't find the original trail until 1:30/2:00AM) in the woods exploring new trails. It was pitch black out and we were all very tired. We were about 2 miles from the trail entrance where the trucks were parked and the Teryx got stuck bad. The RZR had already turned around and went home as his wife had to work in the morning. I told him, I'm done pulling you out, our kids are at home waiting for us at the baby sitter. We have nothing here that can pull your machine out. He accepted my point as I was going to just leave him and he took my wifes quad, and I put her on the back of mine and we got out of the woods.
Went back the next day and got his teryx out by putting a 2 ton ratchet hoist up in a tree and dragging his front end up in the air and another one to pull it forward. It was buried up to the seat bottoms.

Needless to say, the SXS of any make are not perfect. Rider experience, style, and terrian can make or break a machine. The Pioneer or even the sport SXSs have a hard time in this riding spot in stock form. Bigger better than stock tires, lift kits, and snorkels would of made it a lot better. But in the end does that matter as much? I don't believe the Pioneer after reading and talking to people was designed for that type of riding anyway.

Saying that, I rode my 400X for a little bit, and the next summer we went out and purchased a 2010 RZR 800 STD LE. We loved it for various reasons. And we no longer road those types of trails anymore. Our serious off road days were behind us with our first child coming. I haven't road with a group of people more than my wife or a couple friends since that night.
The riding we do is around our home town. There are miles and miles of trails that lead all over and you can get to towns 20-30 miles away through the woods. Most of it is easy riding, some of it is freaking nasty and you don't want to tackle it alone or at the min with a winch.

Enjoy your SXS of your choice and have fun. I haven't given up on the Honda Pioneer. I hope Honda upgrades it a bit, and turns it in the great machine that I know it could be with some help.
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Originally Posted by tatsoul View Post
Sorry im going to have to give it to the ol pinto.In 1974 you could get one for 2000 dollars and it even came with a low gear.Who woulda thunk it!
I love it. That is hilarious. A Honto I really wish someone would make some Baby Moon hubcaps. I'd buy em in heartbeat and put on my Pioneer.

Thanks tatsoul! I come home from a 12 hour day at work and almost fall out of my chair laughing.

Ride on everyone.

Pioneer P700-4
Pioneer P500
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