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Originally Posted by rmk700 View Post
Oh man, ....this is when the thread gets locked.

Wish people would not do personal attacks like saying, "you suck". Just not good.
It's funny that it's always the guys who think the Pioneer can walk on water that always say things like that.

Anyway, i think the Pioneer's problems have been well documented, and people can choose to ignore it if they want, but lets get back on track.

No one ever came out with a higher stall converter, and its too bad. I think this would be less "impactful" ( negatively ) than a gear reduction. I have even e-mailed Hilifter and suggested such a product, but they didn't seem too interested. Would probably be pretty expensive.

The only other option would be to play with oil viscosity. It's an old drag racing trick to run a different ATF ( or even some type of tractor hydro fluid ) to gain or lose some RPM to tailor a car for ET's...BUT...

The Pioneer already runs 10-30, and the only oil i know of motorcycle rated that is thinner would be some sort of racing oil which typically isn't recommended for street use. And would you want to run 20 weight oil anyway? Especially when there is no guarantee you'd even notice?
I'm pretty sensitive to stuff like that, and i am running something-40 Mobil syn bike oil. I can't tell if it made any difference.

Maybe i will go back to 10-30 Honda at some point and break out my tach and see if it does anything. When i checked at full throttle, brakes locked, no wheel movement, it stalled at 3240 RPM ( i posted the wrong number earlier ) consistently. What us at high elevations need is a big torque boost right in that RPM range. Hard to do on a ( relatively ) small displacement engine at ( relatively ) low RPM. Big bore kit would be the biggest gain here.

In one of my videos i removed the airbox lid, and was a little surprised by how much it gave with the stock filter. Obviously, you probably don't want to run this way, but i think it shows the intake on the Pioneer is highly restricted.

Look at the intake tube with all its chambers and necking down. Recall the link Scott posted about the supercharged pioneer by Lynn. He has replaced that tube with a larger tubing and i suspect that is more responsible for his power gain than the blower he has ( the blower would be a major restriction when off ). Maybe a K&N with larger tubing could really make a seat of the pants difference?
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Seems kind of silly but I wonder if there is a way an after market designer could come up with a gear reduction on the axles near the tires?
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Originally Posted by CSFI View Post
No no they only get locked when a non fanboy does things like that. On this site if your a fanboy you can do anything you want evidently.
They only get closed down when they get way out of hand. If a thread does get closed and you don't agree with it just send a PM to any other mod or admin and it will be reviewed. Most of the time I will be the first one to close down a thread when it start going in the wrong direction.

Originally Posted by rmk700 View Post
Seems kind of silly but I wonder if there is a way an after market designer could come up with a gear reduction on the axles near the tires?
Highlifter had a company making the gear lift which does just that. I think there was issues though so HL dropped them but the company still makes them. I would have to look to see what the company name was but I don't think it was for the Hondas anyway.

I have done some very small reductions in machines (4 wheelers) and it does make a difference. 7% reduction leaving the motor is like dropping a couple tire sizes. Like DG stated above letting the motor breath is the biggest thing on these machines. Replacing the snorkel tube with a free flowing tube and then some free flowing exhaust and you have a gain. Of course you might have to do a programmer to get the fuel ratios correct. I really think those things with a programmer with auto tune would make a difference on these machines. I know it wakes the Rincon up a lot doing that with just a fuel controller. Not the punch it flip over backwards kind of power but a good power gain over stock.
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I just got my pioneer last week, and finally really got to put it to the test this weekend. The 700-4 is not a power house like a razor, but it went every where a razor went in the mud and trails and i had 4 people in mine. They had only 2. I had no problem spinning all 4 tires in the places I was trying to make them spin. As far as after market go fast parts, give it time. They will have them. The first year the Rhino was out they had no parts for them. Now look at all the parts.
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well, this escalated Guess ill have to watch this thread.
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