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  1. Honda Pioneer 1000 General Discussion
    We have a 22 pioneer 1000 with the glass windshield, rear cab kit, and fabric door uppers. Even with all of this we still lose a ton of cab heat through the lower doors. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I thought I could find a door seal kit for it but have had no luck.
  2. Parts And Accessories
    I have front (part #0SR90-HL4-212A) and rear (part #0SR90-HL4-212B) fabric doors, still in the box, never opened. $475 per pair. Will sell separate or together. You pay shipping and I will arrange it through UPS. From Honda: "Precision-manufactured aluminum door frames are lightweight and...
    $475 USD
  3. Honda Pioneer 1000 General Discussion
    Hi guys, New here and I’ve got a problem with a 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000 we use on the farm I thought y’all might be of some help. My Honda dealer went out of business so I had to take my Honda to a local atv repair shop back in April of this year. The Problem with the bike is it kept stalling...
1-3 of 3 Results