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$50 Gas Card for Honda Survey

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If you get a call on your phone from an unknown caller you might want to answer it. Honda called and did about a 3 minute survey on the Pioneer and are sending me a $50 gas card for my time. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! Thanks Honda!

They are basically finding out what type of people are buying them, what they are using them for and why they choose Honda.
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Are there answers that will get me a $100 card? I'm not above being bought

Thanks for the heads up.
Got to love the holidays, $50 in gas can go a long way.
I tool that survey 3 weeks ago. They didn't offer me
I took one earlier too Rob that I didn't get anything for but they were asking questions about the dealer on that one.
I got the $50.00 survey tonight and the dealer survey about a month ago.
I am a not going to wait by the mailbox for my gas card, but who knows, there just might be a Santa.
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