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Put deposit down today. Hoping it does not take until the end of January to come in like the dealer said it would. My last honda was 1984 big red. It was bought 30 years ago this Christmas. It was 1800. Big price difference but hope I like this as much.
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the purchase. A lot of things have changed on these from the old 200 big red. You couldn't complain about those back in the day though. High/low/reverse and shaft drive... yea hah..
youre definitely going to enjoy it...congrats on the purchase
Thank you. I believe I will enjoy it. Coming out of a 2004 ranger 500. It has to be better than that. Lol
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Welcome to the forum. Hope you take delivery soon!
Welcome to the forum!! It will be an upgrade for sure!!

Unfortunate that you have to wait, but at least you were able to secure one.
Last time I had a Honda was in the 80's as well. It was a trail 70. It set me back all of $75 and a day of helping bale hay. Inflation is a *****!

Have any customization plans yet?
The only thing I'm adding for sure is a roof, windshield, and winch. I had a lift on my old Sxs, but I have not decided whether I want it on the pioneer. I have yet to see one in person. Not one in a 100 mike radius at least.
I have the Honda poly roof on mine. It's a nice roof and the quick detach clamps make it easy on and off. Be sure to measure your garage or shed door height as a few people have had an issue fitting it in. It adds a few inches over the roll cage.

They have decent ground clearance. A lot of people have added "lift" by just upgrading the tires to something a bit larger. I have inquired about a suspension lift to a couple companies, but there aren't any on the market yet for the Pioneer that I know of.
I hope its a big success so accessories will be abundant.
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welcome to the forum hdrider !!!! and congrats on the new pioneer !!
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