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A few Pics

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Finally got some decent enough weather to get a couple of decent pics. Nothing special, but can not wait to get the wheels and tires on this thing. I think it will look great!

Took it feed the cows. Had a decent, almost full speed blast, across the pasture, few small ditches, and a couple rough spots. This thing rides awesome.

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They do have a good ride and I think they get better with wheels and tires. I wasn't impressed with what Honda put on them but they do work.
im not sure the terrain but my stocks were pretty smooth I lost a lil ride with the 27 executioners but still softer than my dads big red on stocks and its like a caddy compared to my buddys 750 tyrex
I think my BH's smoothed out a lot of the ride. Stock compound is hard and a little sloppy in the corners with the 4ply.
the bh are light 6ply? or are they 8 ply?
Blake, thanks for posting the pics, I really enjoy see everyone's pic and I like to see how everyone poses the Pioneer. Great job
the bh are light 6ply? or are they 8 ply?
6ply 2.0
Thanks for the compliments guys. Im in Houston for a couple of weeks so I wont get to ride.

The good thing is when I get home Ill have a bunch of goodies to play with and install.
nice pics.

gotta get it out to real hills and slopes!
nice pics.

gotta get it out to real hills and slopes!
Ummmm. This is South Louisiana.... That WAS the real hills. :D
Thanks for the pics Blake
Looks awesome blake! And you right about the hills! This is louisiana, biggest "boulder" ive ever climbed is a rock in my driveway! Cant wait to see more pics!

Look what the wife picked up today!

Now Im really itching to get home.

East bound and down in the a.m.
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She sent you tire porn. Now that's a wife!
Nice ride!
Those wheels will compliment it nicely.
I am getting the p4 in camo but the green really looks good!
Finally got home, and got to take her for a spin. Power loss is minimal, if at all. However, the Black Diamonds are a tad shorter than 27".

Over all Im flat out pleased. Rides good. Seems like the tires will bite decent. And (to me) looks superb!

Heres the BDs next to the stockers.

And a few shameless glamor shots.

Tire clearance.

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Should have had them on for the photo contest... Looks great!
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