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Added a new custom switch panel

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I finally had a break from snow plowing this winter to install and wire up my custom dash panel. I have included pictures showing the panel and relay wiring under the hood. I used my winch controller for battery power to a fuse that powers up my accessory relay. The accessory relay is powered up with switched power from the $5.95 Honda accessory wiring harness connector. From there the power flows to the switch panel. I still need to clean up the wiring and wire tie it but I am waiting on my turn signal switches to come and then I will finish the turn signal project. I have used 4 white led's for the rear lights and 6 yellow lights (3 each side) for the turn signals. The lights are very bright and will be posted here when completed.
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Wish you loved close to me I'd have you wire all my accessories too lol.
cavscout, this will look much better when the wiring gets loom installed. I would be more than happy to help you with any wiring questions. This entire project was really not that expensive and took about 6 hours to complete. The led signal and rear lights are very impressive. I will post them soon.
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Pioneer Rocker Switch Panel

This Rocker Switch Panel looks 100 X times better than the OEM panel that Honda is selling at the dealership. If I wanted to purchase one of these, where would I start to look ?


Nice Rocker Switch Panel

What does the Red Button off to the (L) do ?:)
Very nice looking install !!!
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