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I am seriously considering purchasing a Pioneer 4. I have been lurking here and another Pioneer forum for a few weeks now. Love what I see and hear about the Pioneer 4. I know it will fit all my needs for work around the farm. But... I'm going to have to sell my Sportsman 550 X2 to swing buying a Pioneer.

I really want to see one in action before I make this kind of commitment. I really want to see how it handles on the trails I ride all the time. Like I said, I'm not worried about the "work" side of it, just want to SEE the "fun" side of it.

Which brings me to the title of this thread.
Would anyone (close enough) with a Pioneer 4 like to join my family and probably some friends for a trail ride in Eastern Oklahoma?

In case you are interested:
We have an abundance of trails. We have a blast every time we go out. My family and usually a few other families head out in the morning, eat lunch on the trail and usually ride till close to dark. Can usually only get in about 50 miles in a day of riding- combination of stopping often to visit and pretty rough, slow-travel terrain.
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