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Auxillary battery mounted

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Fairly thick aluminum diamond plate. No concerns of it giving way to the battery. Then used a marine battery mount plate. Easy to access. Picture is not the best but what I could get.


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Is this a view looking down from the drivers seat (with it removed)? The plate is mounted to the frame?

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Yes. The is looking down from the drivers seat and the plates is fastened to the frame
Typing on the iPad is not my strong suit
Nice setup. What accessories are you running?
Radio, winch, depth finder/GPS, auxiliary lights
Radio, winch, depth finder/GPS, auxiliary lights
Good amount of stuff connected to it.
Do you plan on adding anything else in the future.
A inverter and a tail light plug for trailer lights and a couple more rear facing auxiliary lights for setting up decoys. I think I will add an air tropic heater by next fall also
As far as decoys, I have discovered that 4 dozen G&H magnums rigged texas style ride just fine in the bed of the Pioneer! :D
Are you running any kind of isolator or cut off on the auxiliary battery?
electric or manual isolater?
I put a manual isolator in. Everything seems to be working excellent so far. I had it left over from a boat/stereo setup a few years ago.
that's cool I was thinking of adding an aux battery and wiring all my accessories on with a electric disconnect sitting around the lake letting the kids swim and listening to the radio without worrying about running the battery down to crank it back up
With any stereo at all I would definitely want the isolator.
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