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Best Pioneer Accessory website

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I have found that Rocky Mountain ATV/UTV website to the best website for ordering parts for my pioneer. I ordered my Roof, windshield, and winch all from there and it was free shipping. I received my items in 3 days. Amazon and Ebay didn't have their prices or options. Plus, you get frequent buyer points so I got my winch for $50 cheaper than the cost. If anyone has any other sites that are good, please share.
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I got my roof from the dealer with 20% discount for a P2 for 240 plus tax. Seems to me Rocky mountain was higher.
Not bad at all thanks for sharing, this will be a good thread as everyone is always looking for the best.
Not all dealers provide discounts and are fair with customers. My dealer was going to charge me $500 in labor costs installing a roof, windshield, and winch. I was buying the machine from them and extremely surprised on why they would charge labor when they already made their money from me purchasing the machine!
I looked at Rocky Mountain ATV/UTV myself but only after I had already bought my top, windshield, bedliner, and rear panel from the dealer. They definitely have better prices than the dealers unless you can get some kind of discount I guess. Ive ordered a couple things from them since and mentioned it to my dealer when I went to pick up my bedliner (which took 4 months to come in) and they said well we can give you a discount and maybe match their prices. I said I dont want to hear that now that I bought over $1100 in accessories and you didnt give any discount at all.
Are all the parts that they sell made by Honda, or do they sell parts that are made by other companies for the Pioneer as well? The delivery time seems great though.

How long does it take to build up the frequent buyer points to a point that you can actually make use of them?
Most dealer ships will meet others price. Cavscout I'm not sure what was up with the dealer ship that you went to. I would have asked to talked to the owner over that ordeal.
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