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blizzard aftermath test run

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dont worry roads were shut down in most parts ....a little cruising never hurt nobody
heres the youtube link of out test cruise

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It was like 15 with the wind chill that day not too bad
I bet that guy in the skid loader was cussing at you guys.. lol Snows a blast to ride in though and it looked like you was having fun.
He waved at the front of the group. ....guess he didnt see my brother lol came pretty close
I have never seen so many tracks in one place, that field is beat right down.
What are you using for a camera? It takes nice video.
Lol that was a parking lot and its a gopro hero3
Lol that was a parking lot and its a gopro hero3
I need to get one of those. Are they pretty cold weather hearty? My cell phone freezes and bricks until I thaw it every vid I've tried to make this winter.
Yea it holds up great. ...the night before it was like zero .....its awesome
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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