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Break in Period

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Hello, Everyone! We just took delivery of our new olive P-4. After owning several atvs, looking forward getting use to a side by side. Question that i have is, are any of you doing any sort of "break in" for the UTV?
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Welcome to the forum. Rule of thumb is to just take it easy and use it like you would any other day.
Welcome to the forum!

Ive heard jus no WOT for the first tank or two.
Welcome Mr Electric.....I have the same machine in Olive. Hope to see some pictures of yours and looking forward to discussions on how you work or play with your purchase. We have a pretty informative group here so far.

As far as break in. No jack rabbit starts and let the machine warm up a good little bit before heading out to ride. Otherwise just take it easy for the first 20 miles or so. That's what I do anyway.
Take it easy for the first 50 miles or so is what I did. Then I gradually started working it harder. It really seems to have loosened up after 100 miles so I am sure the mileage will increase. I changed the oil at 140 miles for the first time but most Honda mechanics I know would go a bit farther. The owners manual says at 100 miles. I always think the first oil change on new engine is critical. Welcome to the forum.
welcome to the forum !!!!! normal riding for the first 50 - 100 miles then give her he!! !!!!!
Reading through the owners manual I am surprised to see it only asks you to take it easy for the first day or 15 miles.
This seems a little light for a break in period but the engineers at Honda are a lot smarter than I am.
Definitely the shortest break in I have ever seen listed.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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