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I'am hoping I'am posting this stuff in the proper spot?? Had this small canopy on my other machine that I sold so I cut it down to fit and work on the Pioneer.It's to keep the dog warm during sub zero temps on our long rides.The one side window can be opened or closed depending on the temps etc: The front of the canopy has a opening the same size as the back window of the Pioneer and is sealed to the window when the dump box is down.With the back window open it allows heat into the Canopy keeping the dog from getting to cold.We usually ride with the back window open this way the dog can stick her head into the cab when ever she wants.On really cold day's I've closed the side window and left the window open between the cab and canopy and we've been OK inside the cab.The canopy will get painted to match my Pioneer once the weather warms up and it gets taken off for summer.


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