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Comfort on long rides?

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Wanted to ask you Pioneer owners what your opinion is on overall comfort during long rides? I will be going to Hatfield McCoy in WV late summer and am considering a Pioneer. Not sure if this is a good choice from a comfort perspective since it will be long days of riding. Thanks in advance! TD.
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Welcome TractorDr

When I first sat in mine in the parking lot my first impressions was that I wished it had bucket seats but after driving it on the trails I am glad they didn't. The seat is very comfortable on long runs, it has great lumbar support and you sit up good and can see well. You can bend your legs or stretch them out, there are foot braces on the fire wall you can brace against in rough terrain.

I would compare it to sitting in a pickup truck but with a better ride. I noticed when we travelled the rough power lines it would kind of feel like a back and forth roller coaster ride and no rough back snapping jolts.

I would go out last fall bird hunting driving around for over 8 hours and come home and didnt want to get out. I have had back surgery and this does not bother my back at all. If I ride wheelers or snowmobiles I get really stiffened up after a days ride with sore arms. None of that on these and I am 6'-2".

I was out for a couple hours in the back seat and was glad when we stopped to get out and stretch. I would compare the back seat to sitting in the backseat of a car. The kids did not mind it at all though. (my kids are 20 yrs old)

Hope this helps a little.
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I agree with Dick's with review. We were out on our first trip Saturday. About 5 hours total, including stops. The seats are very comfortable. I have one issue with the go peddle. The boots i wear when riding have very stiff ancle support. I found it a little uncomfortable bending my foot backwards. Easy fix. Wear different shoes or move your foot up on the passenger foot board and use your heal.

I am 6' 2" 250lbs.
I think it really depends what you are riding on

if its very rough terrain you will be bumped around

The seats are pretty comfortable from the limited sitting I've done in one.
1 ride at 6 hours and only got out to winch and grab another beer. 1 ride for 10 hours and pretty much the same then a ride for 8 hours all in the woods and on trails powerlines. Ditches. Its more comfortable than anything ive ever owned but the gas pedal is a lil tricky to get used to with your heel if you prop your foot up. Im thinking of getting the rock crawler hand throttle for mine. I use it in my cj all the time driving through town its and easy break for your foot. 6'1" 275 lbs
We sure have a lot of big boys at this forum.

Nobody is going to mess with us! :D
I originally thought it might be uncomfortable for long periods but I was wrong. It is for me surprisingly comfortable.
Midsize was definitely not an option lmao
Thanks guys I appreciate the info. My first impression during a 10 minute test ride was that you sit up too straight, not enough recline. This was a quick ride and way too cold and not dressed warm enough so I don't hold much validity in this impression. I've not owned a sidexside prior so can't compare but have read where an owner commented negatively about comfort which is why I asked. I'm going to do another test drive and take my time to evaluate comfort and other overall compatibility for my needs. Glad to hear the positive remarks from you all. Thanks so much for your candid replies. TD
I have been a passenger in a few other sxs and the reclined seats seem to beat the crap out of me. Sitting up more straight in the Pioneer is more like riding a horse. You can move with the vehicle instead of it moving you.

My $.02
Well at 6'7" and 300lbs, I didn't find another sxs that I would say is more comfortable. My back and hips hurt constantly, along with my leg I've had reconstructed 6 times. The pioneer doesn't do anything to make all those aches worse.
I have had 1 150 mile full day ride on the pioneer and have had several on a rzr. After the long ride on the pioneer I was not nearly as tired as I am when I take the rzr.
For long rides I feel the seats are comfortable. I like that you are positioned up right. The one thing I wish was the pedals were positioned a few inches forward. My ankle tends to get a little tired with my bigger boots on longer rides. But nothing serious.
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