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2015 Pioneer 700-4 all stock
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Hi all, I’ve been searching for this and no good threads I can find.

I have a 2015 700-4 that I got in summer 2022 and it leaked coolant in the oil - drained all and used a rad sealer and was good until this past week while snowploughing. Looking for input on the troubleshooting…

No evidence of combustion gas in coolant or white smoke. Level in rad is too low to see and overflow bottle is empty. Engine oil level is up and milky. Purchased the 2014 service manual in summer. No coolant leaks visible outside or on shop floor.

Since the water pump has a weep hole, can’t be that.

The oil pressure is higher than coolant pressure so can’t be oil cooler tubes but the manual shows an o ring seal on the back of the cooler. Could be this seal.

Likely culprit is the head gasket around a coolant gallery going to an oil drain gallery to sump.

Any other ideas?

I’m gonna throw the compression tester and see what I get compared to the manual.

Picking up a rad tester to pressure up the system, but if either the head gasket or oil cooler leak and piddle out the sump drain hole it still doesn’t tell me where to start.

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2018 Honda Pioneer 1000-3
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Howdy and welcome from Northern Iowa
I am recommending that you go to those that know.
I try to help here where I can, but I do not have a 700, and for sure never had one apart.
Go to the Honda SXS Club, and they would be the ones to ask.
A few words of advice about over there, before you go.
1) Read through some of the introductions.
2) Post a thread, and Introduce yourself. Post year, make, model, miles, and any mods you have done. POIDH, Pictures Or It Didn't Happen. In other words, post some pics of your ride.
In your introduction, do not post about your problem. EVEN though you see others doing it, don't do it. Your introduction, is you saying "Hi, this is me, and this is my ride."
Here is my Introduction over there.
Then, use the search bar FIRST, before asking for help.
If you can't find what you are looking for after searching, then ask.
When asking your question, start a new thread in the correct forum.
Again, post year make, model, and miles with any new question.
Be as specific as possible, the more information you put into your request for help, the less questions they will have to ask to try and help get you fixed. And make sure you say "I searched, but could not find what I was looking for."
Follow the few simple rules, and they will help you fix your problem.
Ignore their rules and you will be the one ignored.
They are a rowdy bunch, and some of em can be a little gruff around the edges.
BUT, the total Honda Pioneer hands on knowledge from all the owners is the best you will find...... ANYWHERE !
They even have a few Honda techs that are on regularly as well.
Have a good day
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