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made some Component speaker pods out of PVC, and used some conduit clamps and rubber strips to mount them to the cage.

they are Polk DB 5.25 components, the crossover is mounted inside the large 6" PVC that also holds the woofer, the small PVC is 2" and holds the tweeter.

as you can see i only have one side fully done, the other (passenger side) i will finish tonight.

i made a mounting plate out of aluminum that i will mount under the hood, my amp will be mounted on this plate in a watertight plastic box.

I'm running a Rockford fosgate Digital mini amp that is 300 watt RMS.

right now i will just hook the iPod directly to the amp, but I'm considering putting a head unit in, if i can make it waterproof enough.

question, where is the best place to tap into for keyed power?

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