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YEAH!!! 50 degrees T shirt weather. YES!
1) Installed Hillbilly brake
- 1.5) to nice out, had to ride around for awhile
2) Installed Secondary battery
- 2.5) cousins came over, so had to give rides. You know how it is,..... like they twisted my arm. hahaha!
3) Installed Dual Battery Isolator
- 3.5) ride around again. Tanya, our German Sheppard, was all sad because she didn't ride earlier, so I had to.
1) Hillbilly brake
I had read somewhere that it would be easier to assemble, if you glued the flat washer to the nut.
I used silicone, and stuck them together a few days ago. Worked great, I highly recommend it.
Only having to hold one item with the tip of my finger, instead of 2 made it easy.
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2) Secondary battery
Fit perfectly in the hole. Even though the positive ends up being to the far left, it works out.
It was nice of Honda to add the second ground wire under the hood. Made aux. battery hookup easy.
Rewired my winch to run off of this, instead of the main battery
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3) Dual battery isolator
Here is just a quick schematic of how I hooked it up.
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Still have more to install come spring. Things have to wait, if you do not have a garage to work in.
The fun is gonna be the dash panel and switches.
I have everything on hand to do it, just need some warm weather.
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The dash panel, I got from Crossroads, and I chose option B.
Testing out the panel
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Switch panel install
Have a good day
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