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903 Posts Prescott Valley, AZ, for ******* my Pioneer up!!!

Took my Pioneer in to get it checked out for what seems like possible low power output. Machine is under warranty for another 4 years and 9 months. Nothing was found wrong, but i didn't really expect them to find anything...and that wasn't the problem.

1st thing: Service manage tells me they aren't going to charge me. That's good, cause i wouldn't pay it if they did. I don't get charged for issues with a vehicle under warranty.

2nd thing: When i loaded it up and got home, it became obvious that they had left the exhaust loose, and it was leaking at the head. Also, the joint near the muffler was a good 1.5 - 2" from being fully seated. OK...stuff like this happens, so i called and was told to bring it back in. I knew that the factory service manual does a poor job of showing the exhaust assembly, and i just happened to have a pic of it, so i took it with me and showed the service manager how it should look when properly assembled. Told me to come back the next day.

3rd thing: Got there and told it was ready. It really think it's disrespectful to check out someones work right in front of them, so i loaded it up and took a peak. Didn't seem to be any leak, but the joint was still a good 1.5" from being seated.

At this point, its obvious the service dept here is incompetent. I gave them 2 tries to do what is a pretty simple thing, and they still screwed it up...even with a picture to go by!. So this time i did what i should have done after number 2, and took it apart and fixed it myself, since i am a way better mechanic than anyone at StarIsland, and i DON'T want those clowns touching machine any more. The reason it wasn't seating was the fact that some idiot had bent one of the ears in ( no doubt while hammering on the exhaust and wondering why it wouldn't seat ). It took me all of an hour to get it back to as-new, including removing a ton of plastic just to get to it.

Unfortunately, the gasket at the head ( which should have been replaced BOTH times the exhaust was off, but clearly wasn't ) is now leaking, and I'll have to pay for parts. That's OK, as I'd pay to NOT have these idiots touch my bike again.

From the time it took me to rectify this, its clear that they were just too lazy or stupid to fix their screw up. Fitting 2 pieces of pipe together is NOT rocket science!
Total incompetence!
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