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put the pioneer to the test today in northeast ohio. loaded it down with 4 adults and put about 40 miles on it today. my pioneer performed very impressive through the trails, through some nasty ruts and creek crossings and up some impressive hill climps. there was one hill that got us but it was a wicked hill. my homemade windshield and honda bimi top worked great and i even got to try out my new harbor frieght 5000lb. badland winch that i just installed last night.winch was on sale for 199.99 and i used a 25% off coupon so only paid $150.00 for it. i love these winches cant beat the price and performance. i still buy the no questions warrenty because why not for $30 bucks. had my pioneer buried to the ball bag in old lake bed and it pulled me out no problems. the pioneer handled 4 adults with ease. hope you all are as happy with your pioneer as i am and if you are looking to buy one and are looking for a machine that will haul your family around trails and do work or hunting this is your machine! its amazing how it handles so good in the trails and flys right through atv with ease. anyone else enjoy this sunday with a ride on your pioneer?


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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