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Went for a little ride just a few minutes ago. Temperatures around 80.

Still have my front windshield on along with my hard rear panel with sliding window and had it open.

Man it got HOT in the cab. There was absolutely no air coming in my cab. I figured the rear window would cause a flow in the doors and out the rear glass but NOOOOOO!!!!!

Came back to the house and pulled the windshield. Went for another ride through the woods. Ahhhhhh, fresh air, BUTTTTT, there's always another but. The **** bugs and mud was flying all over me. I hate mud in the cab.

Soooooooooo, how does the lower wind screen do? Good deflection of the air? Blows air upwards? How about mud and bugs? Knock them down or still right in the face?

Also thinking about actually building one, I have some extra Honda windshield A pillar mounts to make it easy on off for summer time use. Then back to my full for winter weather. Betting here in the south I won't need a heater. Had plenty circulating around in the cab.

Those of you that have just the lower one could you post some photos and give me the height measurement of it.

I'm hoping that I can build one and still mount my shooting bar just across and over the top of it without it being too high.

This was my set up until this afternoon, full windshield is nice in the cooler months but not right now and it's only going to get hotter in the south.

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