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Hello all, great forum you have here.
I got into atvs and trail riding back in 2005 with some friends. We started out on some small local trails and then moved on to some riding trips to Tellico and then Windrock and Brimstone. I started on a Foreman 450 then wanted a smoother ride and got a 2006 Rincon. I kept that a while and then wanted a SxS. The only thing out there that I liked was the Rhino 700 so I bought one. I rode it for a while, then changed jobs that had me working weekends and off during the week. This put a big damper on going on rides as everyone I knew that rode, did so on weekends. In time I sold it and figured my trail days were done.
Now I have a different job and plenty of time to ride, but nothing really caught my eye until I saw a reference to the Pioneer.
Dang you Honda! You are gonna make me get my wallet out!
Gonna hang around here and learn as much as I can for now.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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