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Hi from Northern Ontario

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Just purchased a new Pioneer yesterday but won't be delivered for a week.
Looking forward to putting it through its paces and then deciding on additions, upgrades and extras.
I have had Honda motorcycles for many years and love the reliability, so this was an easy choice when I decided to buy a side by side.
Looking forward to learning more about them on this site, and seeing what other people are doing to theirs.
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Welcome to the forum!!

There are lots of good threads with accessories and modifications and more are being added daily!
Welcome to the forum David. Just curious, how bad are the prices on them in Canada?
Welcome David! Hope we get to see some pictures of your new machine when you get it home. Be sure to let us know what your going to do with your machine (work/play) and upgrades your planning.
welcome to the forum !!!!!
what color did you get ........
welcome to the forum! throw up some photos when you pick it up along side some of the sweet trails up north.
welcome David!

hopefully you get it in time for next weekend so you get some nice riding time in.
where will you be riding it and what modifications do you have planned?
Hey guys,

My new toy is the red 2-seater and I will post some pictures of it in use soon.
As far as prices go in Canada you add another $2000.00 to the U.S. price and that is what we are forced to pay. I live in a border city and can be in the U.S. in a matter of minutes but most manufactures including Honda prohibit their US dealers from selling new product to Canadians.
The local dealer couldn't discount to me even though we have a great relationship because he was only allotted 2- 700-4, and 2- 700-2 and he has a waiting list for those. If I hadn't bought it when I did I would have had to wait until spring.
I am not sure about modifications yet and will wait until I use it some in order to see what will suit me best.
My biggest challenge will be telling my wife about it since she has been away visiting our daughter for two weeks and she doesn't know about it yet! Oh well it isn't the first time I have done this and she sure liked the motorcycle I bought for us when she went away a couple years ago.

One way or the other I am in for one heck of a ride!
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LOL..she going to take the checkbook away from you next time she leaves home.
My practice wife used to hate when I came home with large purchases she didn't know about.

Probably one of the reasons I upgraded to wife 2.0

Welcome to the forum !
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Well the wife called tonight and let me know she was on her way home. I thought id best that I tell her about "her gift" of a new SXS before she got home. Turns out that her biggest concern is that I bought the right color.
Wow, it looks like 35 years of her training me was successful after all!

He He He !
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LMAO practice wife, you guys are gorgeous!

Welcome aboard David! you plan to use your Pioneer for snow removal or any winter fun??
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