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Hits and Misses

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Bite sized look at the Pioneer:

MSRP: Pioneer: $9,999; Pioneer-4: $11,699

-Honda nailed the price point for affordability in either 2 or 4 seat categories
-Engine is built upon a very reliable 680cc fuel injected engine
-Stowable rear seats revolutionize the four seat category of SxS's
-Steering is quick, nimble, and very predictable
-Mechanical differential lock makes this machine a great crawler
-Wide opening front and rear door make egress and ingress pleasant
-Safety mechanism prevents bed from dumping when rear seats are in a usable position
-Small, nimble chassis makes tight wooded trail riding fun
-Built in the USA at Honda's South Carolina plant

-No EPS option available
-No sealable storage other than the glovebox
-Suspension seemed a tad soft when loaded with four guys.
-The Pioneer is not a speed demon
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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