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What is the point of the survey? Just for fun?

You might get some more people taking the survey if you give a short explanation.

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Here are a few of the overall opinions people had.

"For the money, the Pioneer is a very good value. The rear configurable seats on the 700-4 model are simply ingenious and exactly what I needed. Previously I owned a Polaris 800 RZR- S. While the Polaris was more powerful, it was very unreliable !!! If the Pioneer is anything like other Honda ATV's I've owned, It should be very reliable. While the Pioneer could use more horsepower and top end speed, I'll take reliability over speed and power any day. It has plenty of torque and low end power for anything I would need in a UTV"

"Love it. But wished it was faster."

"Great unit, Needs power steering and more gears"

"Very good. My wish list for it,Tilt steering ,4 wheel disc breaks, a 5 speed tranny"

"Love everything about it except it needs better head lights!"

These are some of the other accessories people had.

1. bed mat
2. street legal kit
3. polyliner
4. Light bar
5. aux light cubes
6.arm protectors
7.aux rear bumper
8. soft top
9. Heater
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