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install price

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hey guys just wondering what your dealers are charging to install a full hard cab with wiper and heater. I just want to know labor. My local dealer is charging 600 dollars to install it. just kinda wondering what everyone else is getting charged. It looks like it could be a pain to do some of it myself but then again if something is broke they can take care of it right away. Thanks
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Im not sure what they charge but I've heard some techs talking about being a pain in the butt installing the hard cab, wiper, and heater. But it is a very nice set up. I've looked at a couple of them. If the heater is hooked up right it'll deff put out some heat.
not sure the one I bought was being used as a floor model and already had the roof and poly front windshield. I got charged 150 for the winch tho
I've done the install and it takes quite a while to get it installed. Not sure what your shops hourly rate is, but assuming it at $100/hr., 6hrs is not an unreasonable time. I've only done one so far though and it took longer than 6hrs. But having done it once now, I'm sure it'll take less time with each one, as you pick up little things along the way that make it easier.
I had my dealer install every accessory that honda has for the Pioneer 4 with the exception of the bed extension I did that myself....after thought and I think they charged a cap at $800 totally worth the $ as I rode mine right when I picked it up for 60 miles no problems in the cold stayed mighty warm even had to shed a layer! Heater is great! I didn't want to have to have to wait to install it all myself picked it up ride ready!
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