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Interior Room

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We all are going to have our own views about the interior room of the cab on the Pioneer. As a 6' 7" and just shy of 300 pound moose, my thoughts and perspective on it may differ from your own. However, if I fit, there is a good chance you will too.

I've seen a lot of complaints about the the sparseness of the afforded room in the Pioneer. I don't really see why. I think of all the SxS I have driven or tested, I can't really call out the interior as tiny in comparison. The Polaris Ranger 900 Crew I tested had even less leg room in my opinion. It also had no good place to stash your left foot, or hoof. The Polaris did have a tilting steering wheel. That is something that may be of more importance if your waist is bigger than your inseam, luckily mine is not. 34" waist x 36" inseam. Maybe over the years, not having any room in just about anything I own has hardened me towards lack of space complaints, but I don't really have one. Technically you are only supposed to seat two people in the front of the Pioneer, but my 2 year old daughter sits between myself and my wife with adequate room. I'd say three average people would fit. Head room improves with the factory poly roof. In fact without it, my head would be outside the confines of the roll cage and protruding from the machine. Again of the vehicles out there, I think I have the best headroom under this roof. Getting in and out can be accomplished with ease after developing a system of movement. While riding I find the seat to be adequate to rest my weary bones and not cause additional backside aches.

My Pioneer is a 700-4. The two usual occupants of the rear seats are my sons, 5 and 4. The nets, door latches, and seat belts can all be operated by them, which is a rare treat in any vehicle. I tested the rear seat myself. My knees were well past 90 degrees, but I would say I could stand to be back there. In fact, the rear seats and leg room seemed just about equal to the room when I fly coach. I hate to fly, but if I have too, I could do it, just like riding in the back of the Pioneer.

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Nice Bushmaster hat!! I like their evil black products :). I have two nephew's that are tall, one is 6'8 and the other is 6'6, after seeing them smack their heads on just about everything in sight and not fit in anything, and special ordering shoes ect.... I feel blessed to be under 6'. I weigh about 185lbs and fit in everything really well because I'm considered "average" height for a NA male. So I'm not a good judge of cab size for you big guys but I think there is plenty of room for me and my 5'2" to 5'4" Daughters and Wife.
i think a lot of people think there should be as much leg,head and shoulder room as there pickup has feelings on this is as long as my azz fits in the seat ....... it beats walking
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Nice Bushmaster hat!! I like their evil black products :).
I have a couple of their rifles. A Carbon 15 I built for the wife and my favorite deer rifle is my 450 Bushmaster.

My wife tricked me out with hats and coffee mugs when she bought me the 450. She's by far the best wife I've had.
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Building Evil black rifles is a hobby of mine, and I've infected several friends of mine with EBR Sometimes their wives don't appreciate it, oh well.....mine likes her Colt carbine that she stole from me! :)
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Come on man!

Most of us humans have bigger waists than inseams. You MOOSE TYPES are not really human, are ya? 44waist 32 inseam for this old guy

Have not bought a Pioneer yet but will probably get one in the spring. I keep reading the forum to see what issues have surfaced now that the Pioneers are getting in the hands of normal users. R&D is one thing but getting the machines in the hands of real users is the true test of a product. I am pleased to see that so few problems have been discovered as of yet.

I would expect that Honda will address the rust issues that some posters seem to have discovered.

I want to THANK YOU guys that already have your Pioneers for posting your experiences. I am sure that I am not the only guy standing on the sidelines reading the forum that has high expectations for the Pioneer and just has not pulled the trigger yet.

Please keep the information coming, I enjoy reading every thread
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Welcome to the forum Sportshot!

Trust me, I do every thing I can to get that waist bigger. :)
Moose have a very high metabolic rate, hahaha.

Glad to hear you're enjoying the forum. Feel free to chime in on anything if you have an opinion question, or just something insanely funny to add. Plenty of posters don't have their vehicles yet. We don't openly hold that against them!
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