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I am just back from picking up my red P4.

Driven for 5 minutes and already ordered a few things based on the discussions a followed here.

1. Winch mount from KFI.
2. Had a brand new VIPER Elite in the garage. Only 3500 but I will install it and after trying it, I will decide if I need bigger winch.
3. Synthetic cable for winch from R
4. Remote control for winch
5. Rearview mirror from Extreme Metal
6. Frame Caps from 2Faroffroad
7. A Multi-Pocket Organiser from TitusPowerSports

On my buying list now :

1. Switch plate and switches
2. Wheels and tires.
3. Extra lights.
4. Gun Rack
5. Winch in the back
5. A-Arm guards
6. GPS mount
7. A roof rack of some kind (maybe aluminium diamond plate ). I need to carry a small fishing boat on top.

I think the list is long enough for now.

And I am lucky, my garage door is 8 feet high.


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Welcome to the forum!

Post pics as you get parts in!!
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