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So any mounting specifics anyone is using for their auxiliary lights as well as where they ordered them from? Cost, brand, Lumans etc. Thats prob going to be my last buy. So any and all advice is appreciated.
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i mounted all my front and rear lights on the small bolt for the netting. i used 18 watt lights from amazon same as what moose is running on his front for 42$ for 4
Skorp, you got the link for those?
These are the fronts
18w LED Spot Work Light : : Automotive

And these are the rear
[ame=] Tuff LED Lights 2 X 4" Inch Round 27watt LED Work Lamp Light 1550 Lumen, Off Road, Atv, Utv, Polaris Ranger: Automotive[/ame]
the 18 watts fronts are what I used

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Ordered auxillary light for the back of my Honda Pioneer. The light that came in was encased in black hard rubber and the brackets and screws necessary to mount it in the rear under the tailgate. Ordered it from and I am extremely happy with the outcome. Took it to the Honda dealer for my 200 mile break-in appointment and had them install and wire it in. Looks great !
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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