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so with all and everybody putting new accessories on there rides figured I start this lil thread. post your links to stuff. lights, rockers, tops, wheels, tires, radios, give the newbies something to look into. I know iv seen and followed my fair share of links on the forum.

on off on momentary rocker switch
4P Marine Boat RV 4WD Momentary Waterproof Red LED Rocker Switch 12V on Off On | eBay

water proof usb
3 Type 12V Motorcycle Handlebar Cell Phone Waterproof USB Charger Power Adapter | eBay

voltmeter digital

10 inch led light strip

just a couple keep the list going
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a few more

daystar rocker

switch panel for daystar

custom fuse box

weatherproof relay prewire

plastic sheet for switch panel
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These light bars seem to be pretty nice but I'm not entirely sure where you would put them on the Pioneer. Has anyone bought and installed some of these?

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those are nowhere bright enough

they are for visual appeal. they work for interior lighting but they wont output anything that is useful for external use unless you have a jillion of them on your front end.. and even still they aren't that great lol.

there are a few websites for lightbars.

moto-alliance on eBay

good warranty

High Power LED Spot/Flood Lighting and Portable LED Work Light | Industrial LED Lighting | Super Bright LEDs

lots of options here. not sure on reliability.
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dbcooper the link for those lights are above in my post- 10 inch led light strip. mr smith I just installed these above my roll bar to the roll bar facing up on the 2 front side bars and 2 back sidebars and will have pics of a dome light install for the 4 seater with the 4 led strips tonight
These light bars seem to be pretty nice but I'm not entirely sure where you would put them on the Pioneer. Has anyone bought and installed some of these?

I would keep them on the roof, roof mounted standing up.

this is just one of those 10 inch strips. it is mounted on top of my roll cage. I have a video I made its loading right now I don't think its as bright as moose's lights but I could read my remote for the radio in the floorboard. kinda looks like a ufo driving down the rd lol


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Yeah but not really a fair comparison though Skorp. I have about 8 million LEDS in my strand. Haha. I think yours works just fine for its number of lights.
oh we parked it out in my buddys field after I almost muffed up the toggle holes. we turned off everything but the leds and we were walking around it and bsing. yeah I think you got about 4 times the leds I have but the way I have them its from front to back of the machine the same light
this video just doesn't really do it justice lol
Was that a hand? Haha. Awesome video. It had this alien autopsy feel to it. :)
yeah I couldn't tell on my screen so I put my hand out about seat level
That snow has that really cold sound to it. lol
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