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Mattracks EZ track installed

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Got the Mattracks installed just before the game. Will try them out next weekend unfortunately as traveling for work. They look awesome. The design is very nice. Overall length is 10 feet 8 inches. Which is about a foot and a half shorter than the Tatou tracks on a ranger. Very nice for the rough terrain.


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I will be very interested in your comments. I will be buying a set and was looking at the camoplast.

How hard was the install?
Looks good, if it works out which i am sure they will maybe pull that one idealer wheel off to get the tracs off of the frame and it would look sharp to powder coat red instead of yellow just a thought. Something i would do in off season.
It took an hour and a half. Now that I know what I am doing it would take an hour. very solid mounting system. Bumps it up off the ground another six inches or so. It is going to work very nice for pulling the fish house around on the ice. I lifted it up with the forklift and installed three of them, then repositioned to get the last one.
Very nice sir. I'll be interested to see the first ride impressions.
Looks awesome!! Post up some pics getting it dirty!!
The tracks were 4500 with the mounting brackets. Essentially the same price as the camoplast . The are heavier than the camoplast but I like how they are centered under he vehicle
It is just an observation/question, and I could be totally out to lunch, but if the front tracks climbed over a, say, 4" dia log that was elevated 5 or 6 inches above the ground, what prevents that low profile part of the rear tracks from going under the log, thus becoming jammed? I am sure they have thought of that, but as I have never owned or used tracks, I am curious. I can easily see on the Camoplast that the tracks would climb over such a log.
Thats a good question thunderstix has. You literally have the potential to have to chainsaw a tree just to get moving again or have someone stand on it if your not alone and if itll go down
Drive over downed trees at an angle especially if they are off the ground a little or on soft soil (mud). Been there done that, learned quick. On a tracked 4 wheeler you don't have the wheelbase so it took a little work to get off of it..
EZtracks Snow - YouTube

Hope fully this link will work. A big log sideways could be a hassle, a twelve incher will not be. Since the front kind of preloads the rear.
You will have to do test for us and let us know. The rears do seem to sort of "rear up" so to speak.
Too deep is right on. Take them at an angle. One of the benefits of this style is that there is less room from the back of the front track to the front of the rear track. In the video link above you can see how that would help to a point. The amount of snow these kick up is a lot better and one of the biggest benefits.
They are pretty friggin' col for sure. I watched several YouTube vids of them in action
How much did that bring the overall hight up. Im looking at the Mattracks but I'm not sure if it will fit in my garage.
EZ Tracks on the way

The EZ Track repositions the vehicle axle center height to 17.5". Measure what you have now floor to center of axle and subtract it from 17.5" and that should give you the additional space needed to get in the door. FYI it takes about 6 weeks to get these tracks I hope mine arrive about November 1st.
How much did that bring the overall hight up. Im looking at the Mattracks but I'm not sure if it will fit in my garage.
You might want to start with measuring your garage just to get an idea of what you have to work with.
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