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Missing flap/part on P4

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I was giving my Pioneer 4 a once over and noticed a piece missing. It looks like a "flap" to stop dust from coming up from underneath and hitting you lower back. If you tilt your bed up you will see a "flap" on the right side (front of the box) and not on the left side.

I went to the local dealer and they ordered the part for me. They then received two more brand new 4 seaters from the factory and noticed they to were missing this "Flap". They checked the two seater they had in the show room it had both flaps (one on each side). It seems a little odd!

You can see the missing piece in the pictures.

Do you guys/gals have this piece missing as well?


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This was posted by "toodeep" in response to the same question in another thread.

"The 2 seat model has them on each side but the 4 seat model just has the one. I'm not sure why that is but that is the way they come. Quote form Honda on it "Due to differences in air flow between the two models, the "M4" utilizes only a right rubber dust seal, while the "M2" has both right and left dust seals."
Ok Thanks for the information…..I'll check out TooDeep's post.
Here is the original post.

I had asked the same question back in October. It had me thinking I was missing one also. I am sure there will be other sharp guys ask again as we go along!
The 2nd flap isnt needed because of the floorboard section of the p4. The p2 has open area where our floor board is at
You got two extra seats, so us P2 owners get an extra flap, no big deal.
Thanks for the link and info! I figured knowing Honda there was a reason for it not being there. It's my first Honda so I'm not used to this kind of quality and workmanship!
the flaps are there to help keep dust down to the air intake on passenger side. the p2 has a more open back and the p4 is more inclosed so less likely for dust to move into that area. Every p4 i have seen is like to pick. and i have seen a few.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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