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Whats most essential on the trail

  • Tire Repair Kit

    Votes: 18 47.4%
  • Spare Rope

    Votes: 6 15.8%
  • First Aid Pack

    Votes: 5 13.2%
  • Other

    Votes: 9 23.7%

Most important on the trail?

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Three things I never leave home without when hitting the trails, all will be stored promptly in one of my Pioneers multiple storage holes

1. ATV C02 Tire Repair Kit
Many C02 tire repair kits have two or three cartridges for re-inflating the tire once it is plugged as well as tire plugs or patches and the tools needed to make the repair all in a small compact package. A flat tire always happens when you least expect it, so store one of these kits in your quad at all times, it'll get you back on the trail in a hurry.

2. Small Section of Rope or Strap
It shouldn't be surprising thatl a small section of good rope can be very useful in an emergency. Using rope or a strap to tie up broken suspension components or even using the rope to hold a steering wheel straight as you make it back to the hauler may be the difference between a close call and a really bad day in the field.

3. First Aid Kit
Fixing your ATV is important, but having a tool kit for you or a passenger is even more crucial. Accidents do happen, and if you ride long enough, you or someone you know will need first aid. So be ready for it. In your kit, make sure to include remedies for cuts, sprains, and eye injuries.

All of this is in addition to the stock tool kit, what do you guys think is the most important one? Post others as they come to mind.
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my "other" would be the winch, back in the 3 and 4 wheeler days I could pick them up and move them, not the sxs. But Redhead the tire kit sounds like an add for me

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I can't pick just one. All to important.
Those little 12v Slime air compressors are awesome out on the trail. A good knife is a must also though. You can cut a length of synthetic rope off of the winch if needed, make a bandage out of your shirt and so on.
First aid kit seems like its pretty important. If you do get hurt at some point, you would be sad to not have one kicking around. All of these things are great to have stored in your Pioneer though. I've never really though of having rope around though. Never felt like I've needed that when out in a UTV.
I don't have ANY of the above things as of yet, but I sure need to start making my list.
Beer and emergency beer in the bag that you keep your tire repair kit in, since you know...that WILL help the tire patching process :D
Toilet paper
Honestly, I gotta go with this one. Too many rides cut short without it, or under britches left in the woods!
Beer and emergency beer in the bag that you keep your tire repair kit in, since you know...that WILL help the tire patching process :D
If you put beer in the tire repair kit does that then give you "run flat tires"? :D
Extra 65' of cable, zip ties , TP is awful handy when the girls are riding it goes fast...
and yep all the above + a shooter an phone
I went huntin with a guy once that used his sock haha (shakes head) that would have been a site cut a bunch of underware off but never tried to take a boot and sock off in that position haha there has to be some more crazy antics out there...
Beer, tire repair kit, first aid kit, knife, pistol, rain gear, jet boil with food for it, more beer. In that order. Lol
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