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Need some advice

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looking for an ATV I found a 2009 Rubicon for $5999 it has 2800 miles on it. It is pretty clean and I am wondering if this is a good deal.
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unless you are in canada thats a little high IMO ......with that amount of hours i would go max $4,900-$5,100 .....
is this at a dealer or privet seller ?
Here is a link to NADA. I don't know if the one your looking at is camo or has any winch or anything. You probably want to enter your own zip code as well. They can vary in price from state to state sometimes.

2009 Honda TRX500FA9 FourTrax Foreman Rubicon Standard Equipment, 2009 Honda TRX500FA9 FourTrax Foreman Rubicon Price & Specs | NADAguides
Its at a dealer. I am trying to decide the best way to go between that or a brand new Yamaha 350 for the wife
I also found a 08 Can-Am outlander max 2 up for 5499 with 1800 miles
Sounds a little high unless it has power steering, then it would be close but a little on the high side (if it's a really clean machine). You can get a brand new (non PS) one for just a few grand more and have a year warranty. For my area it would be considered low mileage and it's not easy to find a really clean machine (hasn't been ranched out).
He is buying them from the oil fields in ND so they have high mileage from riding into town
I know of a 2012 Foreman 4x4 with power steering and a plow and winch with 6 miles for $6000. It is not mine by the way.
Is it in MN Soapy?
also look on craigs list for one in youre area (no idea where you live because it isn't in youre profile) that is in the same shape and miles ......atleast it's a base line
I have been checking CL but nothing so far beside dealers
first place i looked ....
2012 Honda Rubicon 500 with eps

i don't know how far this is from you but i may be worth the drive
Prices range from area to area, but based on local values, that price seems a little high to me for that kind of mileage.
I'm not paying that kind of money for anything I can't enclose! I'm almost 50 and getting too old to be uncomfortable.
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first place i looked ....
2012 Honda Rubicon 500 with eps

i don't know how far this is from you but i may be worth the drive
Ya rich I was there yesterday at that dealer and that machine looked ok but it needs tires and was not as clean as the Rubicon at the dealer I bought my Pioneer from. Is this a good deal? The dealer called me back and said 6100 out the door for the other Rubicon with tax and title transfer. That is the dealer with the Can Am also.
Seems like you could almost pick up a new rancher near that price. May have to give up some options, but it'd still be a honda!
Alright problem solved I bought a new 2013 Rancher AT IRS, and the wife is happy, happy, happy. Post some pics later its time to head over to NODAK to kill some song dogs.
Glad you didn't buy that Rubi. I bought my '09 Rubicon new in '10 for $5,895 + tax.
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