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New 700-4 in Minnesota

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Hi. Just to introduce me and my machine. Got a Green 700-4 a few weeks back. Bought 4 place hardtop, glass windshield, curtain behind driver, aftermarket mirror and gun case for roll bar mount. Just got a winch mount bracket from KFI.

Will use my Honda on our hunting land in MN mostly....with a few trips to nearby trails. Work machine for food plots....and trail rides with various family members. I like that everyone can go along....and most can operate this machine. Still....its gotta do the work for our food plotting needs: Mostly weed spraying, cultipacking, seeding, fertilizing, trail maintenance....and trail cam joy rides.

On order from Honda dealer are fabric front doors, Windshield wiper, switch & wiring kit, and a HEATER. Gonna ride some ice for fishing and fun this winter.

Still considering winch options. Looking forward to this active site and providing.....and receiving some good advice!!
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Welcome foggy! I have the same machine (green) and will pretty much be using it for the same as you. In addition, I'm waiting for snowplow, winch, windshield and hardtop.
I have a 240 acre ranch here in Colorado and the Pioneer has work to do as well as play time.
welcome to the forum !!!!
Welcome to the forum foggy. Congrats on the new machine.
Welcome to the forum!! Can't wait to see pics!
check out EMP, they have good prices on Viper winches..
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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