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New here

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Hello all.. Yet another new member. 700-2 coming sometime in Feb.

Any West Tennessee riders here?

Brighton, TN
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welcome to the forum steve !!!!!!
Welcome Steve!
Welcome Steve

Mine is coming next friday but I won't be able to pick it up til early Feb.
Congrats and welcome !
Thanks folks! Looking forward to picking it up.

Any brush guards available third party? I do a lot of riding in the woods and they sure would help protect the boots, etc.


brush guards? stick stoppers. i seen some aluminum ones on rockymountain the other day don't remember the price
Thanks Skorp. They are called several things. I just don't want boots ripped when going thru the brush.

Moose, are these the ones you have on your 700?
Thanks jar.
It has arrived. Jan 30, 2014 was a good day!

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Congrats SteveE, nice looking rig.
Thanks! The dealer was waiting to get notice of shipment before ordering my options.. Hard roof, Larger bumper, mirror, winch plate and wind shield. They notified him one day and it arrived the next! one month early. I will pick up the options next week.
Congrats and welcome Steve. Bet it don't stay that pretty and clean long. lol
just ordered my pioneer

It should be here by Wednesday, acording to the dealer. Can't wait!
It should be here by Wednesday, acording to the dealer. Can't wait!
Congrats, and welcome to the forum!
Welcome Rincon!
Congrats SteveEJ! I'm just south of Memphis with a P4. I do make it to Sugar Creek in Drummonds, TN on occasion, though.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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