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New Pioneer 700-4

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Hi all from Southern Colorado...had a bit of trouble with my registration, but looks like I'm all set.
Just brought home a new Pioneer 700-4 3 nights ago, Olive color. I haven't done much yet but cruise the driveway after work, but will hit my bulldozer trails this weekend for the real test. I took a couple pictures, so I'll have to figure out how to post one!
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Welcome to the forum!! Do you have photobucket? Thats how i post pics.
Welcome to the forum. I'll just quote his other post.

Here's a picture of the new rig. I also own a Honda Foreman 450 I bought new in 2002 or 2003 and after 2600 rugged miles, still runs great with no major repairs. So after shopping around, I pretty much was set on the Honda again. The fold away seats was the biggest selling point for me. I didn't like the full time 4 seaters. This machine also has ranch work to do besides playing on the trails...I do a lot of chainsaw work many other chores....this is going to be fun :D

Hey thanks toodeep.
I don't have photobucket Da-veed, but I did upload the pics to my taxidermy website and linked them here with no trouble. Thanks for the welcome and look forward to sharing info on here!
Pioneer looks great! Im also a honda man. Had a 98 recon since new that i dont how its still running, and later we bought a 94 300 4x4. I tell you what, that 300 went more places and did more work that i could believe! We have a 5x14 trailer we pulled them on, we put a whole box stand made of oilfield pipe(which weighed hundreds of pounds) on that trailer and pulled it through the woods on several occasions. Even moved other peoples stands when their bike couldnt handle it! That bike was a beast! Thats the one thing you can always count on with a honda and thats reliability!
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