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New Pioneer Owner - 700-4

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Purchased the 700-4 as well as Wheels / Tires, Optical Windshield, Roof and just installed turn signal kit and parking lights.


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Welcome to the forum!! Nice looking ride you have there!

What size tires you went with?

Rear tires are 27x11x14 and fronts are 27x9x14 Dirt Commanders.


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Also, if anyone is interested in a running light or turn signal kit I would recommend visiting this web site. I've installed on my Big Red and now Pioneer and they look really nice and are very bright. Self installed over the course of two days. A tad bit overwhelming for those not astute at related tasks.

SM LED ATV Turn Signal Kit: Polaris Sportsman, Yamaha Grizzly, Can-Am Outlander, Honda Rancher Foreman Rubicon, Kawasaki Brute Force, Arctic Cat MudPro, Suzuki KingQuad, etc.
Welcome to the forum! Also thanks for posting you new add-ons too as this will help others. With your turn signal kits, can we assume you'll use your Pioneer on the streets? It's legal in your state? Great looking machine!
do you know if the pioneer's speedometer and odometer are able to be recalibrated for bigger tires?
Couple of very good questions.

1) I will and do use mine on the streets and roads. It's technically not "legal" in the state of Ohio but the rules are very flexible where I live. Since '09 when the Big Reds came out and I purchased one I've never had any issues. UTV's / MUV's are very popular in these parts in terms of puttering around, running errands as well as actually using them for recreation and work.

2) I don't know if the speedometer can be recalibrated. My best guess would be no but I cannot confirm for sure. You're correct in that I have gained 3-4 mph of speed with the bigger tires as the rev limiter doesn't compensate down for the increased tire size.
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new machine.
Nice looking ride!
welcome to the forum. whats next for parts? :)
Well.. I do have a plan. The Voltmeter is on it's way so I hope to start on that within the next week (or so). Will inevitably purchase the light sets and windshield wiper but not sure in what order but targeting before Christmas. Have a wench just need to get the mounting plate but foremost I need to get a radio installed. For my Big Red I mounted two marine-grade Bazooka Tubes to the rear cross tube. May do something similar.. not exactly sure how this will work with only one battery box and no OEM storage box for the amp however (the Big Red had two batteries and one under the hood storage box). Any suggestions are more then welcome.
depending on the size of the amp you can use a 4in pvc storage tube this but smaller
cheep pvc storage compartment - Honda Foreman Forums : Rubicon, Rincon, Rancher and Recon Forum
i made the one on my front rack for $13 from stuff i got a Home depot
I am thinking about 27" tire as my first addition to mine.We have lots of down logs, stumps, rocks, etc here on the property and could use the extra height. Have you had in any rough terrain ? Just wondering if there are any clearance issues as the suspension travels.

Thanks for posting your upgrades, really is valuable information.
Hey guys where do u get signal kit
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