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2016 Pioneer 700-4
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I just got my 2016 700-4 home and it is bone stock except for the windshield, winch and snow plow. I have a bit of learning to do by searching these threads.
Not that I will ever reach top speed on my trails I have to wonder what top speed would be if I could run it out to full on a flat. Of course the plow would not be on.
I did see a thread that mentions something about a seatbelt governor but not sure if not wearing the seatbelt does govern the top speed.
I will be needing new tires after this winter and think I should just stick with the 12" wheels I have 2 full sets of. Suggestions on what tires to get will be most welcome but
I don't have any mud holes or very rough terrain here and I don't need super deep treads and will probably never get it in 4X4 mode unless I stick it in a field during the planting season. There is a real possibility I could add chains if I decide to take it on the lake while ice fishing. We often get a good slush cover under the top snow and chains are about the only savior there.
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