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Pioneer Going Through Mud Video

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I am not sure how you upload videos here, so I put it on youtube here is the link.

Pioneer 700 4 mudding 2 - YouTube
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It didn't look like it had any issues driving though that stuff. Thanks for sharing.
cool video but .......where the DEEP mud
cool video but .......where the DEEP mud
It's in the driveway where I wash off.
I took that video with my phone and it did not show from that angle how much mud is in those holes. A lot of people get stuck on that trail. The Pioneer made it look easy.
I think we can do better, I challenge everyone here to put up a better video. It doesn't have to be mud, can be hill climbing etc. anything that shows the capability of the Pioneer's!
I don't see a mention of DEEP mud, just 'mud'. Although it would be nice to see a Pioneer going through deep mud this is still good, I just wish there was a view outside showing how the tires sink in and how it handles it all.

here's the video from the OP:

No trouble at all of course and smart thinking from the driver for not plowing it through it to get mud everywhere. Saved yourself from a cleanup of mud bath ;)
Nice video!!!
This guy responded to me about my video. Here is a link to his video, he is not afraid to get his dirty. You got to watch this LOL.

Honda pioneer mud ridding in West Virginia - YouTube
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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