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Pioneer is on the way, Now What?

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New to the forum,

I bleed Honda Red, The Pioneer was unveiled on Feb 8th of last yr. Same date as my birthday, I put money down Dec. 18th, the day Mrs. Sachi Honda died (widow of Mr. Soichiro Honda). Dealer tells me my P-4 should be here on Feb 8th, once again my birthday!! The Big Red MUV never pushed the right buttons for me. I have been waiting for the day Honda came out with something like the Pioneer.

So now what?

The P-4 will be replacing my foreman as my daily driver/wood hauler/snow plowing/ditch burning/everyday user. I ride about 2 miles to and from work everyday. After reading and following this site for a few months, knowing some of the issues/bugs that others are having, what would you do?

Pull it into the shop, paint inside frame rails and cap them off?

Drive around the dealer lot a few times to make sure the brakes dont go to the floor?

Should I give my dealer a heads up with the frame rails? Feb delivery, maybe it will be updated by then?
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Welcome to the forum! I wouldn't worry too much about those concerns you find here. I have no surface rust inside my rails and mine has seen a lot of wet and snow. The brake issues have been a small portion of the owners. Some of those were from a arm guards not sitting right. I'd just take it home and enjoy it. You have a year of warranty to cover you.
drive it .........
If you bleed Honda red like I do, then you know that you can run this machine for years virtually without worry.
The few issues that some have encountered are being or have been remedied by the manufacture and we know that Honda learns from its mistakes.


Sit back, have a cold one and start looking for the right accessories for your new SXS.
Moose, just curious which WI dealer did you deal with? I had e-mailed every dealer within a 3hr radius. Pro Motorsports in Fond du lac had a red one, but OTD price was absurd. Dealer in Milwaukee where I ordered mine was lowest price around by ALOT. When I ordered it there was only 1 other red one in the state.
We did a 70 mile radius. Came up with 2 700-4 in the state at the time. Bought ours from Powersports Co. In beaver dam. I won't be doing business with them again and wouldn't advise anyone else to do so. They charged me every red cent they could. They also jerked me around on a few points like delivery. They knew I wanted it and it seemed like as soon as they saw my kids faces light up when they saw it, they knew they had me by the you know whats .
Ha, thats funny, they are about 30min from my house. They used to be Hupfs Honda which was in downtown Beaver Dam. Every Honda our farm has owned came thru them from 3wheelers to four wheelers to lawn mowers. Jerry Hupf was the owner then sold and the new owners built where they are now, tried Kawasaki and Honda, but that didnt work now trying Honda/Kubota. Last time I was there and asked about a Pioneer they were putting a red 4 together in back. Right around beginning of Nov. Good chance its the one in you own. They werent getting many Pioneers in. They have no room to budge on pricing.

Only business we do with them now is with the 4514/18 mowers, There mechanics are very knowledgeable with them, but SALES? Grab your ankles.
Yep that is mine. They were just finishing up putting it together when I showed up to test drive it. Sorry to hear a good business got taken over and turned into that. I buy a lot of vehicles and always try to build a good relationship with a dealer. Needless to say, I'm guessing their repeat business is minimal.
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