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Pioneer Width & trail Max size ???

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Got a question for all you active riders. Living here in NJ, I know I'll have to travel to ride the trail systems & parks in PA & NY state. This I have no trouble with. I'm reading that the Max width on some trails is 58 inches. The Pioneer is 60 ." My question is does it really matter? Heard something about measured posts in the ground at the entrance points ?? Any info will be greatly helpful. In NJ we got Oil tanks in the refinery's. They wont let me ride there, I asked !! ha ha
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When i was looking at the Pioneer, i had a sales guy measure it to see if it would fit my existing trailer. Honda claims 60" as you said, but he got like 58" something...but i don't know where he measured.

Does it matter? Well...legally, they could cite you for being on them, but how they would know how wide a Pioneer is without measuring is a mystery. But, be aware that some states with width limits also have weight limits as well, so you may not be legal there either.

Out here there are some 50" trails. They have posts or rocks to limit wider vehicles on a few, but whether or not they are spaced exactly 50" ( or 58", in your case ) wide or not...i don't know. I would guess they are slightly wider to keep scrapes down. BTW, evey time i used to ride those 50" trails here, i would meet a SxS...usually one i knew to be wider than 50".

I guess it comes down to how much the rule is enforced. Out here, it doesn't seem to be at all, but the best way to found out in your neck of the woods is to ask other riders. But always be aware that you could be ticketed if the mood hits someone patrolling. I'd just find other trails, if they are available.
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Thanks DG Rider

Hope to get some input from local PA & NY riders if we got some here..
They can site you hard if they check you. It be no different than driving a truck down the trail. Not from up north but here in louisiana we have the kisatchie national forest that limits 59 inches and I have talked to a ranger about it
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