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Plasti Dipping Today

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With the weather being ridiculously warm for December here in Virginia, I decided to take a stab at plasti-dipping today. Let me know if anyone wants any pictures of anything specific. My buddy is installing a winch for me and marine usb charger for the stereo setup I am going to use and we are going to plasti-dip while its apart.

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I would love any photos of the plasti dip you wish to provide.
pics?? the more the better!!

Here's what I have so far. I am picking it up from my buddy tomorrow and I will get more pic's


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That looks great. What was the temp when you applied?
Yes I think it looks good too.
More Pics

Here are some more pictures, along with the warm weather mother nature decided to bring a few thunderstorms as well. I figured it would be nice to show how the plasti dip beads water. I cannot take credit for doing this work, I have a good friend who works on everything I own and he painted the entire front facade, the brush guard because he had it off mounting the winch, and he also installed the dual usb charger between the seatbelts. I thought this was the best place considering my speaker is going to be mounted right above, which will allow for easy recharging when needed.

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That sure looks good. Looks like you and your friend do nice work.
looks great and that is one slick trailer you have there ......

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That thing looks great rain or shine.
That looks great! I picked up that same trailer today.
Kinda looks like a stealth bomber lol thumbs up
I have to know how does one go about plastidip? I bought a red P4 because I couldn't get a camo but I hate the red. Any info is much appreciated
That looks bad ass.
I like it as well! I am also interested in the plastidip. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
lots of videos on youtube about how to do it
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