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My poor wallet is screaming but with the cold weather I think it will be worth it. Bought the OEM top, hard coated folding windshield and the fabric doors. They did a good job designing the mounting systems for the door and windshield. Pretty easy stuff. Ive owned just about every side by side made and their installs are fairly intuitive. Instructions are typical and need to be re-written to be more specific. For example part of the doors install you temporarily install some brackets and mount the doors so that you can mark where the brackets go. They tell you after youve marked them off which direction they should be facing so on the first door I got to do it twice.

I was worried about how sealing the doors would be because I just wasnt sure how they mounted but the system actually works and sealing is as good as any other doors I have installed.

First door took my time and had to translate what they were saying and we spent around two hours on it. 2nd one only took about 45 mins. You do need a rivet tool and there is some drilling. In addition, there are some steps where you really got to get it right the first time such as when you drill for the expanding bolt that goes on the top edge of the lower doors. Make sue you got it right the first time. No do-overs!

Heater may go in as early as tomorrow. Going with the summit racing setup like I had in my Rhino. This machine has a perfect spot for it!!

PS: Someone else on this forum or another mentioned about the gap at the leading edge of the doors and you are must have got a very early set because on mine they put a piece of plastic all along that edge to fill those gaps.


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