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Rhino Lining for bed of 2P?

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Anyone done this....or thought of it?

Pros and cons?

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What's your thoughts on it DB? You want it for skid resistance or just general bed protection? I had a bed rhino lined in one of my pickups. It's pricey.
Seems kind of pointless in a plastic bed?

If you want extra protection just get the bed liner.

Plus I know that stuff sticks great to metal but how about to plastic.
I would also advise the bed liner, it's not as permanent as rhino lining. Plus the bed liner was made for the pioneer and seems durable enough for most pioneer owners.
Well, since I don't have mine yet, I wasn't aware the entire bed was plastic. A buddy had his UTV sprayed. I was just wondering.

Yes. I think the bed liner is probably the best option.
I'm pretty sure it will stick to plastic. They spray it in wheel wells and even on interior floors of UTV's.

I don't think it would be a bad idea, I just think it might be pretty pricey. Just guessing maybe $150ish for a rhino lining rep to spray it. I've also heard their quality of application can vary wildly. The guys that did my truck bed years ago did a decent job. Think it ran me just shy of $350

My neighbor has a Rubbermaid lawn cart, pretty much the same material as the Pioneer bed. It's maybe a dozen years old, and has worn miraculously well.

I personally use a tarp for covering the top of a wood pile in the bottom of my bed. It's thick and durable. Ran me $8. I pull that out, shake out the debris and run a shop vac around the bed before folding up my seats. Then I just stow the tarp between the tailgate and seat backs. Has worked great.
so say $150-200 for the rhino spray, how much would the Pioneer bed liner run?

Bed mat (2P)
Manufactured from rugged vulcanized rubber compound. Tight, contoured fit, Pioneer branded.
Part #:
Dealer installation charges may apply.


Poly Bed Liner
Manufactured from ultra-rugged HMWPE (high molecular weight polyethylene) - extremely durable. Provides protection to the bed and rear seat area. Allows for easy unloading of dirt or other materials. Molded side slots enables use of partitions. Quick installation, quick removal. Available Mid December
Part #:
Dealer installation charges may apply
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I see why the Pioneer is so cheap. Honda is making its money back on accessories...
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