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I test drove a 2015 'manual only' Pioneer 500 last week with about 1,300 miles on it, and found it really difficult to turn from a stand still, really clunky shifting, and overall I felt like I had to manhandle it to go down-the-road. It really surprised me given it's a Honda, and I have a lot of Honda equipment/vehicles and think they are great.

My question is this - did I just drive one with 'problems', or would my wife really hate driving a Pioneer 500 down a paved side street ?

I'm looking at a 2017 with 425 miles on it that looks to be in great condition and only ridden on grass. It has a lot of options, but I need to decide whether I want to make the 1 hour trip in the next day or so.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated !
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