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Tire gauge

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Does the pioneer come with a tire gauge every honda I have ever bought has come with a tire gauge but I can not find one in the pioneer
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Nope. It barely has a tool kit
Might be worth it to stop by the local dealer or even an auto parts store and piece together what ever you'll need into a kit of your own
Tire slime has a gauge right $6 bucks digital. Keep one in my glove boxes.
I have a slime air compressor thats really small I think 8 or 9 dollars that has 2 psi increment it is in my glovebox
I ordered one from Joe's Racing. It's a dial-type, with max pressure of 30 psi. The things I love about it are 1) the dial face picks up light and glows, so you can read it in the shadows, 2) the dial is large enough to use 1 pound increments, making it easy to adjust pressures to the nearest 1/2 pound (if you want to), 3) it has a handy bleeder valve, allowing you to lower pressure to the exact psi you want.
Any gauge is most accurate when the desired pressure is in the middle of the gauge's range. I chose this model, because I also use it on lawn equipment--some of which use around 20 psi.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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