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Warn 1700# winch for $89.00 at northern tool

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I know it's not an ideal sxs winch but for $89 dollars I bought 3 of them. It turns out I mounted one on a small 2" receiver hitch, one on my airboat trailer and one on my lil bed mounted truck crane... Just giving everyone a heads up.. It's a really good winch


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Sorry about the crappy picture
50' cable ?
35' of 3/16
ouch well that 17ft double line itll pull the pioneer out of anything
$89.00 I spent more on dinner lol
my Rincon had a 3k on it and pulled a 800 Polaris ranger bogged down to the frame so this should do nicely
the snatch block will be youre best friend with this winch but for $89 what do you have to loose
oh yeah definitely a good buy
Sportsmans Supply has a 2500 lb for $99. One on the way.
XT40 $660. Free shipping

Warn XT40 UTV Winch
lol that's a big difference in price lol. i have to look and see what winch i have. the only thing i know about it is a warn and 4000lb
Just letting people know.

It doesn't hurt to buy a little more winch and do a whole lot less praying
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oh yeah. i was pleased with the 3k they put on my Rincon and it claimed a couple sxs so i figure a 4 k will do good with it whats the XT40 rating?
It's 4,000lbs, but it has probably twice the spool speed as most and come with the wireless system
And I wouldn't doubt you could pull 6000 with it. Warn knows how to over engineer stuff
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no doubt and they last forever its only right they go on a honda
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