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Just wanted to start a post documenting my experience with Honda. I own a 2016 Pioneer 1000-5. It seems some time ago Honda recognized there was an issue with one or both of the clutches wearing out prematurely on these vehicles. For a certain amount of time, it appears they covered the repair under warranty, but that time period ended about one and one-half years ago. My dealership submitted a claim which was denied by Honda.
My vehicle has always been serviced by one of 2 dealerships (one in Phoenix, the other in Flagstaff). Neither dealership ever advised me of this recall or of the issue. My service manager told me there are several different categories recalls can fall under, and I believe this one only required a repair to be made if the owner actually experienced the problem.
Of course, considering the issue involves the clutch, someone who drives their vehicle aggressively is far more likely to exacerbate the situation, bringing it to light, than someone like myself who does not. My vehicle had 3356 miles on it when the primary clutch went out. This is a $1500 repair if it involves the primary clutch. $2000 if they have to replace both clutches.
I hope you understand my issue.
So I contacted Honda customer service to try and resolve the matter.
The person I spoke with admitted she did not have the authority to reverse the decline. She also would not put me in contact with anyone who did have the authority. For that, I will have to wait until Honda gets around to reviewing my case, and they will contact me at that point.
Side Note: Amazing how differently you are treated after they have your money than you are while they are still trying to get it, isn't it?
At any rate, I plan to follow up on this post once I hear back from Honda.
It may well be this issue is resolved to my satisfaction at some point - but I want other people who look to Honda because of their reputation for producing reliable vehicles and backing up their products with outstanding warranties to be forewarned...
Honda in 2021 is absolutely NOT the same Honda that earned your trust a decade ago.
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