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Which Short Wheelbase SXS?

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Hello everyone - new to the forum. Pleasure to be here.

I'm not a Pioneer owner just yet. Hopefully soon, just waiting for my bank account to agree...

Anyways, I'm narrowed down to Pioneer 700-4 or the 2014 Kawi T4 800. Looking for a short wheelbase 4 seater SXS to haul the fam around on some mountain trails. Those 2 machines are the only real 4 seater options. The other guys 4 seaters are way too long to maneuver in the woods IMO. Leaning heavy to 700-4 however I still am interested in thoughts on the T4, if anyone has some experience with it, vs the Honda. ( This is a Honda forum so I anticipate a general bias to the Honda... still interested in some insights though. )

I have test drove both and each has it own merits. Test driving around the parking lot is great but isn't the same as driving for hours in the hills. So looking for some input from those w experience.

I'm not so concerned about crazy fast - I'm not going to be hitting jumps and sawing through whoops and doing high G cornering with the fam on board. But still want to have fun and get through the tough stuff when I need to.

Kawi Pros
More HP
Power steering + Tilt
I liked the cockpit
3 yr warranty
I liked the doors - design felt solid and operated easy

Kawi Cons
limited cargo room/versatilty
Little bit larger dimensions - could be the diff from squeezing btwn some tree or turning around.
I'm a little concerned w reliability. What happens after 3yrs?

Honda Pros
Solid - less concerned about reliability
Smaller dimension
Not so fond of the doors design vs the T4

Honda Cons
I'm still a little concerned about power
No Power Steering or tilt
I found the Kawi seats and cockpit more comfy
Whats up with all the netting?

Please feel free to weigh in and share thoughts on my pros vs cons or any objective rider experiences. Maybe I missed something or you disagree with my assessment. Interested to hear.

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Honestly Both are awesome machines.. I had a teryx before I got my pioneer the torq off the V twin is awesome.. I like the pioneer because its not belt drive.. Which T4 did you look at the 750 or 800??
You really can't go wrong with either. I really like the rear seats on the teryx and power. My friend has a 750 t4 and its been a solid sxs. He pretty much abuses his haha and it's still running great.

For me I choose the Pioneer because it fits in the bed of my truck. Pedals are close so my wife can drive it. I like the versatility with the seating. Also for the price it's hard to beat and it's a Honda.
The new 2014 model. 800. I honestly was impressed. More impressed than I thought I would be. Which is the reason I'm second guessing. I'm torn. Pretty settled on Honda but still find I'm a bit drawn to the T4.
How bad do some of you want power steering? some people seem to be fine without it, some seem to really need it.
Kawasaki makes a good motor. That V twin is torque filled. You also gain preloads up front and a stock tire that has a name. As far as steering. Parking lot is a bad place to make a decision on that. There isn't PS on the Pioneer, but I drive it 1 handed in 4wd with ease, even with my 28" BH2.0's. Has a very good geometry.

Payload killed the Kawi for me. Plus the additional length and width. I needed something that could carry a ton and fit thru a keyhole.

With 3 small kids, I love the nets. You can concentrate more on driving and chatting then worrying about some antics in the back seat. I have seated 3 full size adults and 3 kids in the back. Sure it was a little snug, especially since one of the adults was a moose. But it did the job.

At first blush comparing the numbers, the Pioneer sounds like its underpowered, but I have had a 1000lbs in the back and hauled it through a near foot of snow over obstacles. I for one. Could not be happier with my decision. The Honda also left me coin in my pocket to make it just the way I wanted.

Good luck in your decision.
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View attachment 1945 this is the best looking teryx ive seen

View attachment 1937 The Pioneer drives just as good as any on the market with powersteering to not have it..
I looked at the T2 800 to build up as a sport cause that's all I ride with.. But I had 19k in my teryx from before I loved it
How bad do some of you want power steering? some people seem to be fine without it, some seem to really need it.
To be fair - The only experience I have with a non power steering SXS is an older Ranger 700 XP. Not the best steering set up but I never had a problem until I would be digging and hit a hit stump or rock with the 4x4 fully engaged and wheels spinning and wow what a way to ruin your shoulder or wrist. So, I'm sure that new models have better steering set ups in the non ps models but after blowing out an arm when the wheel gets yanked from your hands... ya, I'd say there is a reason to desire power steering. Mandatory - no. Desirable - yes. Would I pay an extra $2000 just for that option? Probably not.

From what I hear the Pioneer steering is really good for a non power steering set up, in terms of whipping the wheel around. It is hard to gauge that in a parking lot thought.
Hi Chevy1 (like your name) I just wanted to add that because I got the first one in my area I had to snatch it up quick so my first impressions of it was driving it around the dealer to the trailer. I was not that impressed in the parking lot, the locked rear differential and rough feel of the tires on asphalt did not give a good first impression. When I first sat in the seat I thought gee I wish they had put bucket seats in this.

Then after taking it out in the real world my impressions totally changed, it took me awhile to get the hang of the engine braking and throttle but once I did this thing is smooth on the trails. The seat is very comfortable and I can drive around all day and not want to get out, it has a lumbar support that is great for anyone with a bad back. The back seats are a little uncomfortable for me at 6'-2" at but hey I still get to go with the kids driving and that is priceless to see the smiles on their faces. They don't seem to mind the back seat at all.

I just wanted to say sometimes being satisfied in the long run is better and makes you feel good about your purchase. When I was younger I would have purchased the big 1000's and ripped and tore it to pieces and been disappointed in the long run but that guy is gone. It is a great way to see this country on a Pioneer with a friend beside you, I don't think most people even know what they are missing.
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One more thing I would like to mention is when I purchased mine I got the dealer down to 1/2 price on the 4 year warranty. Its Honda full warranty with unlimited mileage. I normally don't buy extended warranties but couldn't leave it at that price. So they must have a lot of room to play with their asking price.
How bad do some of you want power steering? some people seem to be fine without it, some seem to really need it.
I think those he NEED power steering would be better off taking yoga classes
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